Corporate In-House Workshops

Ideal for corporations and organizations with their own marketing team.

Personalized Training Social Media

Customized Marketing Plans

Each company is unique  in its own way. From the products or services they sell, to the target customers they wish to sell to. Each with their own sets of goals and plans to achieve their targets. Our team will work with the company to evaluate and incorporate its marketing goals into the seminars and workshops that will be performed.

Personalized Training Social Media

Personalized Training

Our industry experts are trained to teach and interact with individual or team needs to ensure that lessons are ingrained and applied by the attendees to their everyday tasks. Each program is highly customized to meet the demands and condtions of each organization.

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Practical Workshops

Our corporate training packages will always involve workshops that will engage and allow the marketing team to apply their learnings to their own campaigns. On site practical application enables the attendees to experience creating campaigns in a safe environment under the supervision of the trainer.

We provide consultations

and trainings in different cities

all over the world

Our Workshop Modules

Facebook Ads 101: Full Course Introduction

Marketing Analysis
Facebook Ads Basics for Marketing Teams
Elements of a Successful Ad
Creating a Business Manager Account
Adding Team Members to Business Manager
Creating a Facebook Ad Workshop

Advanced Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

Marketing Analysis
Navigating Business Manager Account
Narrowing Your Target Audience
Ads Formats for Ecommerce
Targeting Strategies
Ads Type Strategies
Creating a Facebook Ad Workshop

Advanced Facebook Ads for Lead Generation

Marketing Goal Setting
Navigating the Ads Platform
Narrowing your Target Market
Ads Formats for Lead Generation
Targeting Strategies
Ads Strategies
Creating a Facebook Ad Workshop

Google Analytics for Businesses

Marketing Goal Setting
Understanding Google Analytics
Introduction to the Google Ads Platform
Creating a Google Analytics Account
Integrating with Your Website
Setting KPI to Meet Marketing Goals

Visual Storytelling on Social Media

Visual Storytelling
4 Aspects of Storytelling
Storytelling in Your Industry
10 Rules of Storytelling and Content Production Tips
How to Tell a Great Story
Group Workshops

Increase Website Traffic with Social Media

Social Media in Numbers
Roadmap to Social Promotions
Baseline Audit of the Website
Content Creation Tips
Engaging With The Audience
Comparing Insights to Audited Data