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Marketing has evolved from “selling” to “community building”. Today’s audiences prefer brands that have become part of a lifestyle. Demand is no longer something you anticipate for, but rather, something that you create through social media.

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Social Media Masters provides in-house training to enterprises and corporations who have their own internal marketing team. These workshops are customized to address the specific marketing goals of each company and relayed into a workshop style training to the company’s marketing staff.

Our Google Analytics (GA) seminar will allow the marketing team to understand which data is crucial to their goals and how to correlate the GA data with their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

For entrepreneurs who wish to manage their own social accounts and even create social ads, these training session will enable them to learn the basics and apply cost-effective and tried-and-tested strategies to create efficient Ads that reduce the overall cost of marketing. Our Google Analytics (GA) seminar will allow the entrepreneur to understand what data is crucial to their goals and correlating those data with their Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Freelancers and Consultants will be able to enhance their skills as a social media managers and digital marketers with these sessions targeted to business owners. They will benefit from the language and method of training that will translate to them educating their clients better about the marketing strategies appropriate to their businesses.


Active Social Media Users

There are currently 89 million Filipinos active on social media, or 80.7% of the population.


Philippine Market Penetration

There were 71 610 000 Facebook users in Philippines as of October 2019, which is 65.4% of the entire population.

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